Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kidtoons KIMOCHIS Review & Giveaway

I was very excited by this opportunity from Kidtoons and Plushy Feely Corp. to review their Kimochis® plush toys!! As a parent, I try and teach my daughter to talk about how she is feeling and be considerate of others' feelings as well. 

We received a Kimochi (pronounced "Key.Mo.Chee" which means "feeling" in Japanese) named Huggtopus. He came with a mini storybook and zipper-pull character. Rose was very excited to sit down with her new friend and read the story. All the of story feature a situation which gives the reader the opportunity to see how others feel and deal with different situations!

 Thanks to Kidtoons & Kimochis - Coupon Savvy Sarah 
has FIVE Kimochis to give away!! 

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway, I followed but under a different screen name, it shows me as Babe-On-A-Budget on Google but I am Britta Nord Fernandes on Facebook :)