Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tom & Jerry: Tricks and Treats DVD Review and Giveaway

Tom & Jerry: Tricks and Treats DVD (Release Date - 9/4/12)
Tom and Jerry are in for spooks galore in this monster collection. With 20 eerie cartoons plus two bonus cartoons, everyone’s goodie-bag will overflow with fun! Tricks and treats are at every turn, from ancient Egypt to Transylvania, from creepy houses to haunted forests, the hair-raising hilarity is non-stop! Our favorite Cat and Mouse mingle with ghosts, mummies, werewolves and witches in these terrific tales. Of course Tom and Jerry have a bounty of tricks up their own sleeves as well! Fear not, the chase is on! It’s a “scare-iffic” good time for the whole family!
In Over the River and Boo! The Woods, Tom and Jerry find themselves lost in a haunted forest. Tom leaves home to become a witch’s companion in The Flying Sorceress. In Haunted Mouse, Tom is put under a spell by Jerry’s magician uncle. Jerry meets a bat who looks just like him and together, they trick Tom into believing the bat is Jerry’s flying ghost in Bats What I Like About the South. Legendary monster hunter, Van Helsing, chases after Tom when he’s transformed into a werewolf in Monster Con. In Which Witch, Tom is a servant to a witch who needs a mouse to complete her magic potion. Jerry discovers the secret tomb of an ancient Egyptian cat in Tomb it May Concern. In Spook House Mouse, Tom and Jerry find themselves in an abandoned fun house where they embark on a rickety ride featuring lots of spooky attractions. These and several other “fang-stastic” shorts are featured in the collection.
Tom & Jerry are a classic - it is wonderful to be able to share a cartoon that we loved in my house growing up with my daughter Rose! This is a perfect "pop some popcorn and snuggle on the couch" movie!

Disclaimer: Warner Bros. provided me with a free dvd of this title to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.
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  1. I love the treats...espiecally butterfingers lol

  2. I decorate the front yard and put spooky things that work by movement which gets them every time. They love it.

  3. We always get a ton of trick or treaters! I love handing out candy, seeing all the costumes and talking to the parents!

  4. I'll be honest, I'm usually out partying for halloween haha. My treat is I leave a bowl full of candy on my front porch, and hope that kids only take 1 piece :)

  5. now that I have two young ones we are all about the treats, driving from one street to another and knocking door to door.
    Our town does a Costume parade and Halloween party with games, giveaways and pumpkin painting too!!
    Andra Hadfield,

  6. I hate haunted houses. One time I actually got so scared I punched a guy. I guess the trick was on him, teach him not to scare me again!

  7. Going all out for the kiddies. Big candy bars and cool decos

  8. I'm sending my grand-daughter a Halloween package. Bet she'd love this DVD too.

    Tom and Jerry was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a child. And, Halloween! By far, Halloween is the next best holiday next to Christmas. As a kid, Halloween was even better than my birthday. I loved (and still do) getting the front porch all spooky for the kids. And seeing their expressions and hearing the comments when they creep up to get their candy.... Priceless.

    When my kids were little, I'd make their costumes, and my friends kid's costume too. Then we take all our kids to every costume contest being held all over the county of Falls Church, Va. Those were the days!

    Now, my kids are all grown and I really miss the Halloween festivities. They don't do much at all anymore for the kids like they use to. And more and more parents prefer their children not go door to door to Trick or Treat. It's too bad. I wish kids could feel safe again to trick or treat the way they did when I was a kid in the 60's.

    Happy Halloween to all the kids out there, and especially to the kid's at heart like me!

  9. I love trick or treating with my kids! I must confess I always steal my favorite treats from there bags when there not looking! LOL

  10. My treat has always been shared with my sister. We get everything together for passing out candy and decorating and then on the night of Halloween one of our husbands will actually do the handing out of candy while my sister and I sit back and enjoy White it

  11. My oldest is A huge Tina nd Kerry fan they love seeing all of the videos