Thursday, May 21, 2015

Skylanders Trap Team Figures - Great Gifts and Rewards for Good Grades!

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School is out soon for the summer and keeping our 12 year old daughter Rose on track this year in 7th grade has felt like another full-time job! Rose is such a smart child but she forgets to turn in or misplaces her homework quite a bit. My husband and I decided to reward Rose for good grades and no missing/late assignments - after all, don't we as adults get bonuses and perks or rewards at work when we do a good job? We emphasize to Rose that school is her job and a job well done gets rewards and there are also consequences for not doing your job. We are ending the school year on a high note and Rose even got a "Great Job" written on her progress report from her Math teacher!

Rose is crazy about Skylanders! She has both the Skylander Swap Force and Trap Team platforms. We decided that our reward to her for good grades is three of the new Skylanders Trap Team characters - Fling Kong, Enigma and Flip Wreck! She was so excited to check out these new characters!

Here is a little background on these new characters from Skylanders Trap Team:

As a royal protector of the legendary monkey idol Kubla-Wa, Fling Kong trained seriously in the mysterious art of Monk-Ru, a form of fighting using the power of air.  He was a devoted student, always the first to arrive to training and the last to leave.  One day, a troop of foul-smelling, well-armed Gorilla-Goos appeared, led by the infamous General Snot.  Snot had heard stories about the idol, particularly that it was made of solid gold.  The villains quickly seized control of the temple that housed the idol and were on the verge of taking it.  But suddenly the smelly gorillas found themselves face to face with Fling Kong – who attacked with the power of a true Monk-Ru master!  Using his flying rug and powerful vortex discs, he expertly defeated the Gorilla-Goos and saved the idol.  Soon after, word of his actions spread to Master Eon.  Now a Skylander, Fling Kong knocks the wind out of evil throughout all of the Skylands!

Most of the dolphins of Bottlenose Bay spent their days playing in the waves.  However, Flip Wreck was different.  Always the adventurous one, he took it upon himself to be a self-appointed protector of his undersea world.  One day, while exploring an underwater graveyard of shipwrecks, he came across a massive Ice Viking ship that was still intact.  Suddenly, a huge crew of Ice Vikings burst out from inside and began leading an attack on the unarmed dolphin residents.  Flip Wreck took off at once and quickly fastened together armor, shield, and sword using pieces from the nearby wrecks.  He then single-handedly defeated the Ice Vikings, who retreated never to be seen again.  For his heroic actions, Flip Wreck was made a Skylander and now turns the tide against evil in Skylands! 

Summoned by a Mabu Mystic, Enigma comes from a nameless place “between the worlds.”   Though the Mystic was really just looking for someone to play Skystones, he was quickly enraptured by Enigma’s stories about his mysterious homeland.  Unfortunately, the Darkness got wind of these stories, and seeking another realm to conquer, sent minions to lay siege on the gateway that remained open.  Making matters worse, the Mabu had no idea how to close it.  So, with a legion of minions fast approaching, Enigma chose to use his Sigil of Mystery to seal the doorway – cutting him off from his home forever.  This large sacrifice caught the attention of the Trap Team, who welcomed Enigma and gave him a new home as a protector of Skylands.  He now uses his Traptanium Sigil to put a world of hurt on evil everywhere! 

Skylanders are definitely parent-approved and most certainly kid-approved! They would make a great reward or gifts for your children or grandchildren for good grades, chores being done without being asked, a rainy day surprise - the possibilities are endless!

If you don't already have a Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack, you can purchase one for approximately $30-60 depending on the platform you want to run it on (i.e. Wii, Xbox, PS3, etc) and the characters typically run $5 and up. Rose loves to swap characters with her best friend Isaac for a week or so to be able to try out new characters as well!   

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  1. These look really cool. I have to ask my nephews about these lol... they're obsessed!

  2. Time to stock up for holidays! Love it!