Thursday, July 9, 2015

Protect your Family's Skin with NO-AD Sun & Skin Care Products! #HeartYourSkin

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In my house, we are all about protecting our skin from the effects from sun exposure. Due to many of my older relatives having had skin cancer, I am very diligent about sunscreen use for all three of us with high SPF broad spectrum protection. Given the fact that we have educated Rose from a young age as to why we use our sunscreen and reapply periodically, she uses sunscreen without arguments and even reminds her grandparents to help her apply it when she is at their houses (I keep a supply at each house!). The few times my husband has gotten burned from not paying attention to the time he spent in the sun or underestimating the overcast conditions - especially while coaching his high school girl's soccer team - he is no fun to be around. So in our house - apply and reapply regularly!

NO-AD® Suncare was introduced over 50+ years ago with the concept of providing consumers with quality sun care products that are twice the size as national brands for the same price – all with “no TV ads,” no hype and no gimmicks! I like that they not only provide sun care products but also daily wear anti-aging skin care products to protect, moisturize and repair your skin with the added benefit of a broad spectrum SPF protection.

NO-AD® Suncare sent us out four of their products to test out amongst our various weekly activities. Over the past couple months we have used up all four of our NO-AD products while heading out on weekend family trips, hitting the beach, amusement parks, BBQs, parades and more. Not once did any of us get burned and for this I am thankful! Check out a summary of the products we received below.

NO-AD Oil-Free Face Lotion SPF 30
Fragrance- free, hypoallergenic formula won’t clog pores or cause break-outs. Broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection. Dermatologist tested and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use. Water-resistant (80 minutes).

NO-AD Sport Body and Face Stick SPF 50

Ultra-lightweight formula goes on clear with no white mess. Wide-format stick applies smoothly and quickly. Water-resistant (80 minutes), broad-spectrum SPF 50 sun protection. Great for the body, yet gentle and light enough for the face. Fragrance-free, nonirritating formula is great for sensitive skin.

NO-AD Skin Care Prevent and Brighten Body Moisturizer Spray

Helps to diminish the appearance of age spots/brown spots, even out skin tone, brighten skin and restore its natural glow. It is important to note that it provides broad spectrum SPF 15 sun protection to help prevent future age spots. This is key, because the use of brightening products without sunscreen can reverse brightening effects.

NO-AD Skin Care Prevent and Repair Body Moisturizer Lotion

Fights free radicals, helps prevent and repair cell damage, helps reduce inflammation, boosts collagen production, gives skin firmness and strength while improving its natural barrier function.

Our Thoughts:
As a female, we tend to think more about our skin than our counterparts do. I really felt good about using the NO-AD Prevent & Repair and Prevent & Brighten Body Moisturizers. They were lightweight and easy to apply - plus I could go about my day without being overly concerned about being exposed to the sun as I traveled to work, grabbed Rose from my in-laws and other on-the-go errands. 

The NO-AD Sport Body and Face Stick is awesome! I love that it fits in my purse in addition to Rose's camp backpack and my husband's soccer gear bag for on the field. Easy to apply and lightweight without a greasy feel - same with the NO-AD Oil-Free Face Moisturizer. No one wants to apply sunscreen and look greasy and oily! These products worked wonderfully and were convenient for all three of us to carry with us throughout the day during our various activities. I will continue to use NO-AD products based on our positive experience with them, not to mention they are available everywhere I shop at a price that blows the others away. Oh, and did I mention they are Made In The USA? BONUS!

Check out NO-AD's products on their website and use their handy store locator for a retailer near you! Also you can follow them on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest for the latest news, money-saving coupons, promotions and more!

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  1. The moisturizer sounds great! I didnt even know they made it! I will have to check it out!

  2. I didn't know they had anti-aging ones! So cool! I think I need the lotion for faces.

  3. Oil Free is for me!! I'm definitely gonna have to check out this sunscreen for my family! Thanks :)