Friday, April 1, 2016

Try the Unique and Refreshing Different Flavors that Pinnacle Vodka has to offer! #TeamHabanero #TeamCucumber

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Spring is here! Well, technically that is what the calendar says, but we are waiting for Mother Nature to catch up! What better way to celebrate Spring and start planning those Summer gatherings then with a couple of unique flavors from Pinnacle Vodka and inspired cocktail recipes from their website!!

Pinnacle Vodka has over 40 flavors including unflavored, treat flavors (such as red licorice), fruit flavors, dessert flavors (think cake or rainbow sherbet flavors) and their whipped cream flavors (such as key lime pie and cherry whipped cream - sounds divine).

The award-winning Pinnacle Vodkas start with the finest wheat grain from France and is five times distilled for an incredibly clean, smooth taste. It’s a premium vodka, but without the hefty price tag. 

Pinnacle Vodka sent us two very unique flavors to try out that I picked out - Habanero and Cucumber Vodka. I was so excited to try them out because I typically go more towards spicy/salty drinks versus fruity/sweet drinks; I knew they would be right up my alley.

Habanero and Cucumber Vodka - what? That is the reaction I got when I was telling family and friends about these two flavors, but WOW.....they blew us both away. I knew that both would be perfect for Bloody Marys and they were! Both the Habanero and Cucumber Vodka brought different and pleasing flavor twists to the traditional drink! Before I received the two vodkas, I did my research like a good hostess and blogger does and hit up the Pinnacle website for drink recipes to try out for each of the vodkas. Pinnacle has a large recipe section on their site and you can even narrow down your search by flavor!

My husband and I settled on four different cocktails to try - two each for the two different flavors. The drinks look similar and some used the same ingredients which is convenient when hosting a party or gathering! 

For the Habanero Vodka, we made the Pinnacle Spicy Paloma (Vodka, Grapefruit Juice and Agave Syrup) and the Pinnacle Peppery Pineapple (Vodka, Pineapple Juice and Lemon Juice). 

For the Cucumber Vodka, we made the Pinnacle Cucumber Paloma (Vodka, Silver Tequila and Grapefruit Juice) and the Pinnacle Refresher (Vodka, Tonic Water and Lime Juice).

Refreshingly different! Pinnacle's Habanero Vodka is not overly spicy but has a nice heat that sneaks up on you and the Cucumber Vodka has truly a crisp flavor that it adds to the cocktails. They were all really tasty and I cannot wait to experiment with more combinations to get ready for our next gathering!

If you love to entertain and experiment with trying different cocktails, I would suggest checking out Pinnacle Vodkas selection of over 40 varieties and see what cocktail magic you can create! Check out their handy story locator to find Pinnacle flavors near you!

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  1. I have to say that I am definitely on Team Cucumber over here. My husband would disagree though. These look amazing!

  2. That looks so good.I love a good margarita myself!

  3. Maybe one day I'll try vodka as a drink, but for right now I like turning it into vanilla extract.

  4. My favorite grown-up drink is Jack Daniels and Coke.

  5. my favorite is a sex on the beach

  6. I guess if it's been mixed with other liquids it wouldn't be too spicy but the Habanero wouldn't be my choice unless I tried it while out somewhere or a friend had it. I like sour drinks- fave is Midori Sour!

  7. Pinnacle Flovored Vodkas are great. My favorite drink is an Apple Martini.

  8. one of my favorite sp;ring and summer drinks is I infuse cut up rhurbarb with vodka for a few weeks then mix with mineral water and slice of lime, yum!

  9. Oh the cucumber vodka sounds really good! My favorite vodka drink is the Colorado bulldog! They taste so good...almost like a chocolate milk!

  10. I think that I would try the cucumber vodka flavor, but I don't know about that other flavor. Not for me-

  11. Very interesting flavors. I bet these would make some great Bloody Marys.