Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hurry!! Callisto Publisher's Club is Accepting NEW Reviewers into Their Review Club! It's Free to Sign Up - Plus You Get Free Books!!

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Like to read? Callisto Publisher's Club offers free books in exchange for honest feedback, which you provide in the form of online reviews that help other consumers make purchasing decisions. 

No catch - free books for your review on the book! I have been a part of this club for almost a year now and I have gotten free books and e-books in exchange for my opinions on the books - you can't beat that! 

They will send you an email with review opportunities and you can accept or decline the books. If you decline it just puts you back in queue to get another book offer. I have reviewed cookbooks, kids books, self help books - I even got one about BBQ and Smokers which was awesome because we just bought a smoker days prior to that!

I don't know how long this window of opportunity to sign up as a reviewer will be open, so don't delay!  

Sign up here today - please use my email address as the person referring you so they know who sent you (!!*W336hbY6k5VZ5W5YLBQc8v_CVD0/*VmV7Mb6Cm9_DVh--8C1Kl-ZX0/5/f18dQhb0S2C8252mBcTygWy4MMpSmW19pJdY2ngx4qW1-L7-F2n-wdWW7gb1Mp3MPJG1W8kv6Vd2PyrwKVL_zFg1dsdYHW3jWPNq7y8hYvW31qz6S6hCGNSW96df-r85DDMcW7M4w1_3GJJ54VZMfkT66gC2gN6Gls_wrzD7JW7Xrgys72LQfVVY0b-B1PMYSTW5snGmQ50pRcKW8zNGZG2dL_hzW6tvvBP9d3qSdN5YYGrKLvWV5W90sRLC4K5vFqVdq8xP616Qs3W19Z74779fpljN4D_S0vd1Y0MW2KpSym2frxSYW19cNHb5Fb4yQVJ-6sl3btPCNW8dWYrz7XC61sW51yk1n4ky6SSW3PqfRB6nKG2fW52Rh7B6wGKqkW4yXdDN8HnB7KW3dZg7W2LS-LMW4020Ny4vvDj3W4K-1Jw7Svq97W4wPxxX3w64j6W5lgrgS3jHbfTW6PHf1B3_Xk1RVD96DK4jwq_dW6j8CgD5X71HSW2_mxvG34Ll31W1Ghd643ZjpHPW4tfJgP8wHlc6W8wBQFQ8Xm71VW8V4RB-6_PXz5W4qCzgp5l0h-mW5695cK1_Rmv_VSN4mV8CDBNK103

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