Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Visit to The SkyDeck in Chicago

Most of you know my family and I headed to Chicago for Thanksgiving weekend - we were celebrating our 15 year anniversary a little early with our daughter! In the spring I had asked my fabulous Coupon Savvy Sarah readers what their favorite attractions in Chicago were and the SkyDeck was a popular choice for those that live in the area or visit Chicago!

The Sunday morning we were leaving to head home, we visited the SkyDeck. The SkyDeck sits 1,353 feet above Chicago - 103 floors up in Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower)! Thankfully the elevator ride was under a minute because we were packed in the elevators since it was busy the day we were there. 

Once we were on the Deck level we were able to spread out - there is a 9 minute movie in the theater area which was very informative. There is a lot of cultural facts spread out on the walls of the SkyDeck - it's really cool. 

The views are really amazing of the city and our favorite, and scariest part, was stepping out on the SkyLedge - 1,353 feet above the busy city streets below with only 1.5 inches of crystal clear glass at your feet. It was scary and exhilarating but we did it! 

The Ledge had 2 spots where they were taking professional pictures for purchase and then 2 spots where you could stand on the ledge (or do headstands like we saw some brave souls doing) and take your own pics! We were able to do both with minimal waiting!

The SkyDeck and SkyLedge are definitely a must-see attraction and we will definitely be stopping in again next time we are in town - maybe my daughter will be brave enough to do a headstand on the Ledge! Interested in a visit to the SkyDeck - check out their Facebook page or their website online!  

Disclosure: Complimentary tickets were provided by the SkyDeck. All opinions are my own & can not be influenced in any way.


  1. Oh wow! I think that is so cool but I am terrified of heights.I would prob be dizzy lol

  2. Ive always wanted to be in that building looking out!