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Little Gestalten Children's Picture Books Review and Giveaway (Ends 5/24)

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In our household, books are a major part of our lives. We love to read and escape into a good book. I have always enjoyed reading, from the time I was read to as a child to when I was able to read to myself. As parents, we have shown our daughter our love of reading and have had the unique pleasure of reading to Rose in German as well from some of my husband's childhood German story books that his family saved for him. Rose does proclaim from time to time not to like to read, however she is rarely seem without a book in her hand and usually has multiple books she is reading at a time.

I was thrilled to work with the Berlin-based children's book publisher Little Gestalten to review some of their high concept, totally unique picture books. It is very special to me to find not only a unique book for my daughter but one that has ties to her heritage since she is German citizen as well.

We received three books from Little Gestalten to review titled: Let’s Garden, My Body and I Love You Always.

Here is a little more information about each book we received:

Let’s Garden: A Step by Step Introduction (by Clara Lidström and Annakarin Nyberg):

Whether in a big backyard or on a small city balcony, children will have a blast with this do-it-yourself book full of great gardening ideas. No need for sophisticated equipment or a large yard: Let’s Garden is a true DIY book that children can easily follow to take their first steps in gardening. Inspired by their own children’s fascination with everything that sprouts, Clara Lidström and Annakarin Nyberg teamed up to create a book that would encourage others to interact with their surroundings, whether in the countryside or the city. From planting a sunflower in a pot and feeding the birds with leftover seeds to growing your own garlic and using it to flavor homemade cream cheese, Let’s Garden is full of inventive ideas. Step-by-step instructions are presented alongside whimsical illustrations and photographs, inspiring children to get their hands dirty!

My Body: Explained and Illustrated (Illustrations by Golden Section Graphics, texts by Antje Helms):

The human body is astounding. This book explains how our body works in illustrations and texts that are created for children but are also fascinating for adults. Children are curious about their bodies. They not only want to know how they breathe and where their food goes after they swallow it, but are also generally interested in how their bodies look on the inside and everything that happens there. The book My Body takes its readers on a fun and compelling journey through the human body. Exploring how we breathe, where our blood flows, how we digest, our senses, skeleton, muscles, nerves, and brain, it imparts fundamental knowledge in a way that is understandable for children. It also provides fascinating information such as the fact that adults can be taller in the morning than they are at night or that giraffes have the same number of neck bones (seven) as humans do. My Body’s vivid illustrations and engaging texts make the book wonderfully suitable for children. It takes them on an entertaining anatomical adventure that further stimulates their own natural curiosity.

I Love You Always (by Astrid Desbordes and Pauline Martin):

I Love You Always is an ode to motherly love that approaches a timeless topic with elegant simplicity and refreshing honesty. With the simple question “Mom, will you love me my whole life?”, Max sparks the most honest and relatable of answers from his mother, who goes on to tell her son about all the moments in life through which she loves him. “I love you when you behave and when your good behavior doesn’t last” and “I love you when you look your best and when you’re feeling your worst” are some of the scenes author Astrid Desbordes and illustrator Pauline Martin succeed in depicting with heartwarming candidness. A refreshing take on a timeless subject, I Love You Always beautifully recounts a mother’s unconditional love for her child.

I would highly recommend these books from Little Gestalten in addition to their other books. They are visually stunning with their colors and illustrations plus the language used in most of the books is more appealing to myself and young listeners than typical story books. I am actually looking forward to purchasing a couple more of these books for Rose and when she is done with them, I will be packing them up in her hope chest as treasured keepsakes someday for her child (as was done for her father and myself). Little Gestalten Books can be purchased directly on their website or online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Enter now for your chance to win all three of the books above from Little Gestalten!! Giveaway Ends 5/24/16.

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